Manifesto: Reclaim Lost Days

This is ours. Ours. Days and days and days of scribbling, of answering phones, of staring at a screen, of meetings must not be lost. We cannot let them steal it all away. Those notes in the meeting, remember? Not minutes but poems….we want these words. They prove that you are not alone. Share them here.

We want what fills the sides of your reports, margins reclaimed by the marginalized. We need your images, sparks of freedom. Light in the fluorescent grey. Share them with us and with yourselves.

Your muttered words…ruined power points…altered projects…everything that rises up in you against those grey things that some days you cannot do. From boardrooms, subcommittees, from your cubicle, from your office. You are there, I am there, we are there. We are not alone: our words, visions, cries and light must not, must never, be lost.

Welcome. Please share these sparks here - words, images, sounds - all freedom, all release. It is yours.

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reclaim lost days